Friday, December 12, 2008

Comment Challenge Winnter

It's Friday!!! My mom and I just got back from doing some Christmas Shopping and I'm totally worn out!! No time to rest dh has a game tonight and I should actually be getting ready!!

I just popped on here today to announce the winner of my Comment Challenge. Now just so everyone knows I used to help me pick a number so here we go....Drumroll please........and the winner is "demingglobal"!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! She will receive a $5.00 gift code to my store at ScrapMatters!!

Ok that's all for today. Keeping short and sweet! Have a Great Weekend!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Grab Bag Reveal...LO...Freebie...comment challenge!!

Ok...yeah I know I said I would reveal my Black Friday Grab Bag on Friday...but I just didn't quite get around to doing that so please forgive me...I'm a day late. But here it is!!

Now if you didn't get a chance to buy my Black Friday Grab Bag...don't worry because all of these products are now in my store at ScrapMatters!

So this week we were at the Purdue vs. Duke game!! And let me tell you the atmosphere was CraaZZZZZY!!! Although our Boilermakers was still just one heck of an exciting game thanks to the fans and the Paint Crew!!! Go Boilermakers!! Here is a two-page layout that I just might give you an idea of how fun the game was!!

So I have to give you an update on LOST...guess what peeps....I'm finally done watching all four seasons!!! My hubby and I had been watching it for our date night but I had to go solo here recently and watch it by myself with basketball season in full swing!! I would find myself staying up late at night watching LOST just because I couldn't take my eyes off my computer screen. I had no idea this show would be this good!! We also got a sneak peek of the new season when my hubby and I went to watch Quantum of Solace...and guess what???....they have to go back to the island!! Is that not crazy or what!!! I can't wait!! I think I read that the new season comes out in January...not sure if anyone knows...please let me know!!!

We just put up our Christmas tree the other day...

... so now I'm feeling all wrapped up in the Christams spirit and feel like giving!!! (Nevermind my ds's face...I think he was tired of getting his picture taken so he was all smiled out!) So what does that mean to you??? Well it's so simple...leave me a comment here in this post between now and Thursday December 11th and on Friday December 12th I (along with the help of will pick one winner to receive a $5.00 gift code to my store at ScrapMatters!

Ok now I have a little freebie for's a paper pack....check it out

That's all for now...have a great weekend! I'm off to the basketball game!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Purdue vs. Duke, New us boogie!

Ha!! Ha!! Check us out...this is too funny! I saw one of these on Brittney of Britt-ish Designs blog and I just had to do one for my family...

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

My Black Friday Grab Bag is still in the Store at ScrapMatters and will be until Thursday! On Friday I will be revealing it and everything will be broken up and sold individually. So go get it while you can for $3.00 bucks.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great husband's brother and his wife (my good friend) came into town and we all spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws house. It was a great time. We ate too much food and felt guilty so later that evening we hit the gym to work it off!! Here are a couple of LO's that I did...

For this one I used a kit called Beautiful Blessings by Haynay Designs at ScrapMatters!! The Alpha and the Date Tab...well let's just say you may find this in my grab bag!

And for this one I used a kit called Thanks Indeed by Britt-ish Designs!

Well we are getting ready to leave to go the the Purdue vs. Duke Basketball Game!!! Can you tell I'm so EXCITED!!! AHHHHH!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! Should be lots of fun. I have my camera sitting right by my purse so that way I won't accidently leave it here at home. Cause you just know I have to scrap this event!! Look for us on ESPN!!! LOL!! GO BOILERMAKERS!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Black Friday!!!!

Yippie it's Black Friday!!! I hope you are able to get some great deals today...both in and outside of the digi world!!!
Well of course ScrapMatters is having a Sale!! Check it out the ad so you don't miss a thing!!! Everything at ScrapMatters including my shop is 40% off nows the time to grab some goodies at an awesome price!!

For a limited time I even have a Black Friday Grab Bag in the store....take a look... get it while you can!! Click here to purchase it in my store at ScrapMatters!

Also the November Daily Download at ScrapMatters begins today! Me and some of the other Designers at ScrapMatters have teamed up and created a FABULOUS new kit!! And were giving away bits and pieces of it each day!!

Click here to go to the Daily Download at ScrapMatters. here's what you've been waiting for...THE BLACK FRIDAY BLOG TRAIN has pulled into the station!!! I'm stop number 13 and you've just arrived in the Midwest!! But before you collect your gift...let me share with you a little bit about my family and my all time FAVORITE Christmas tradition...

For those of you who don't know...I am the youngest of seven children. (Yeah...that's right 7!) My parents adopted six children...myself included...and I feel so blessed to be part of such a huge family. My favorite Christmas Family Tradition that we would celebrate every year when we were living at home was called "The Seven Days of Christmas." At least that's what my mom called it...why seven???....for her seven children. It worked like this...starting on December 18th of every year just before we would go to bed we would all assemble around our huge family table. Usually my mom would have these two big Christmas tree candles lit to make it kinda of special. My parents would start off by reading a few verses out of the Bible and after that they would remind us about the true meaning of Christmas. After that we would go around the table usually from oldest to youngest and say what we were thankful for. Then my mom would pull out seven small presents and hand them out to each of us. Of course as a child this was my favorite part...the presents weren't anything real was usually something like a candybar, or Christmas Pez, coloring books...things like that. So we would do this every night through Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning we would wake up....ummm....correction....I would wake everybody up!!....and we would line up on the stairs usually from youngest to oldest... sometimes we would alternate each year and do it from oldest to youngest. But if I put on my spoiled brat face then I would get my way and most of the time we would line up from youngest to oldest which meant that I was the first one in line!! Yippie!! As we would stand in line on the stairs we could hear my parents shuffling presents around and they would always put on Christmas music. Then we would hear them yell, "Ok....come on's Christmas!" Now I'm not sure why I even bothered to beg to be in the front each year because whenever my parents gave the "OK" to come downstairs all I could hear behind me was feet moving at a fast pace and I could feel the stairs shake!! It was like a stampede or something! I'd start out in the front of the line and before I knew it I'd get pushed down (on accident of course...yeah right) trampeled on (usually my older brother would help me up) and then next thing I know I go from being the first person in line to the last one! Yep...I always end up being the last one down the stairs and into the family room to open our presents!!

Whenever my family all gets together...which is very rare because we are spread out all over the country...we always have such great laughs about this family tradition!! I miss those days! I don't really celebrate the "Seven Days of Christmas" like my parents did (mostly because I don't have seven children...LOL!) But we do something similar...on Christmas Eve we sit, my husband, step-son (if he's in town) and my son and we discuss the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. It's important to me that my children know that it's not about Santa and presents but about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On Christmas morning...yep...I'm still the one that wakes everybody up...some things never change!! I make them wait in line just the two of them...while I light up the Christmas tree...shuffle the presents around and turn on some Christmas music...and then I yell, "Ok....come on's Christmas!"

Thank you for listening to my favorite family tradition...I hope you enjoyed it! You definately deserve something for listening to my long story so here it is....

It's a Photo Tumbler Insert made with the ScrapMatters Design Team Collab kit "Comfort & Joy" that you get free with a $10.00 purchase at ScrapMatters! I made it for my tumbler that I got at Starbucks and I'm sharing it with you!! All you have to do is pop in your photo, print and cut then insert into your tumbler. Simple and Quick!! I hope you like!!

Download Here

All right this train is about to leave...time to hop on board...CHOO CHOO! The next stop on the Black Friday Blog Train is Kari at stop number 15. And just in case you need to back track stop number 13 was Bree.

Have a GREAT Black Friday everyone!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Where do I begin...

Ok so we have lots going I'm sure you do too with Thanksgiving just right around the corner!

Well I just have to tell you about a few exciting things that's going on at ScrapMatters this week...we are having a Speed Scrap tomorrow...
I'm going to do my best to be there!!

Have you been missing the Daily Download at ScrapMatters?? Well a few of the Designers at ScrapMatters (ScrapMuss Designs, Haynay Designs, WM[Squared] Designs and myself) have worked together to bring you this month's Daily Download at ScrapMatters. You do not want to miss it either!! If you like the ad...well that's just a preview of what's to come...

And of course I saved the best news for last....We all know what the day after Thanksgiving means...SHOPPING!!! ScrapMatters is having a Black Friday Sale....I will also have a grab bag for sale with 5 brand spankin' new items!

And here is a LO that I did the other day using my new kit "Expectant Moments." My childhood friend is expecting. She is actually due any day now....and when I saw these photos I just had to create something with them....

Well basketball season has started for us!! This is the time of year when life gets so busy!! But I'm looking forward to cheering on my husband's team and praying that they will have a successful season!!

Well that's all for now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! See you on Black Friday...either on my blog or standing in the long lines!! LOL!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Well I hope everyone had a great time this weekend celebrating Digital Scrapbooking Day! Hopefully you were able to get some great deals!
While my dh and ds were outside enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having I managed to get a LO done. It felt so good too! I love to design...but it just feels so good to actually get a chance to scrap every now and then too.

Ever since my ds was born every year in October we get so excited to go shopping for a Halloween costume. He just turned five not too long ago and every year I've always been able to have a big influence on what costume he's going to get. I like finding the costumes that not everyone has...or is at least different in some way. This usually means we have to travel out of town to find something. His very first costume was a pumpkin costume, then it was Thomas the Train...then he was a fireman...and last year he was a police man! All of these costumes I picked out and he just went along with it. Well earlier this year when we were discussing costumes I told him that he should be a pirate...he makes the cutest little pirate face!! Plus I already new which kit I could use to scrap the photos too!! (Ha ha....yeah...I had a plan)! Well all was good until we went into the Halloween store and he saw all of the Super Hero costumes!!! You know...Spiderman, Superman, Power Rangers etc...well I tried to steer him towards the pirate costumes to help persuade him into being a pirate...but my plan failed me!! He found a Transformer Bumblebee costume and he had his mind made up! He wanted to be Bumblebee the Transformer. Uggh!!! I wasn't happy...I just knew that I would see tons of Bumblebee costumes on Halloween night!! But then I had to pull myself together and remember he is at that age where he and his friends are always pretending to be superhero's. Well I finally gave in...and he went trick or treating as a Transformer!! He's put on this costume every day...and I mean every day...since I've bought it. Here he is with my dh and our cousins...whose house we have trick or treated at every year since he was born...The kit that I used is called Spookalicious by Simply Sweet Designs and the template is from Sya's Blueprints both at ScrapMatters.

My camera actually stopped working during our trick or treat outing so I didn't get a chance to take photos on the rest of our stops...but I am so thankful for our friends and family that let us trick or treat at their house every year!!

Here's another LO that I did about a week ago using WM Squared's Grab Bag which you can get at ScrapMatters...we love to eat Giordano's Pizza!!

On a serious note...I just wanted to remind everyone how important this Presidential Election is! We are 2 days away from the General Election and if you didn't vote early make sure on Tuesday you go and exercise your right to vote! My husband and I have made plans to get up early to go vote. I'm not sure if we will have long lines to wait in or not...but long or not we will be there and will not leave until we have voted! We are even taking my ds with us! I figure no matter who wins it's going to be history in the making and I want him to be there for that! Although he is only five he is very well aware that the country is in the process of picking a new president and he as even expressed to me who he is voting for. ( I guess I'm going to have to create a kiddie ballot for him so he can pretend to cast his vote...LOL!) But anyway we will be there standing in line...and of course I'll have my camera with me so I can scrap the event! And years from now...I will be able to show him the LO and let him know that he was there to witness this historical event. Now...I'm not quite sure how I'm going to keep him entertained during the wait especially if there is a long line...but I figured I'd take his wagon and some toys so at least he would be able to sit down and play for a bit while were waiting. I'll let you know how that goes!! LOL!

Well I guess I've rambled enough!! Now I have to go and get my LOST fix...yeah I'm still watching it! I want to be caught up when the new season comes out in 2009. Somebody please tell me though...are they EVER GONNA GET OFF THE ISLAND???!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy DSD, New Kit Release & Freebie

Hi Everyone...Happy DSD day...and guess what???...ScrapMatters is having a Sale...check it out...

So be sure to stop on by. You'll be able to pick up lots of goodies for a little of nothing! I've been busy working on my new kit that I just put in the store today!! I'm so excited for you to see it. I've been working on it for awhile but finally managed to get it done!
Are you ready? Well here it is...It's called "Expectant Moments"...

Also included in this kit are 24 glitter words...

Don't you love it...I know I say this about every new release but I swear this is my favorite so far. It's the perfect kit for scrapping your pregnancy photos, baby showers, ultrasound pics or pretty much any photo of your bundle of joy! And right now you can get it for 30% off at ScrapMatters. What a deal!! Click here to purchase it in my store at ScrapMatters.

Now of course I have a little coordinating freebie for you today... (**Update** if you downloaded this before 11:10est please re-download...I had to fix the link.)

Well that's all for now...I hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lost!!!..have you seen it??

Hi everyone! Well once again the weekend is here! Yippie! I'm not releasing any new products today at SM...truthfully because they just aren't ready yet. Hopefully by next Friday they should be done.

Ok so for the past couple of weeks I've been totally addicted to something! You know the show LOST with Matthew Fox??...

I think season 5 will be starting sometime in 2009. Well I remember when the show first aired several years ago...and I remember thinking to myself..."Oh I've got to watch that!!" I've loved Matthew Fox since my "Party of Five" days!! Well somehow I missed the first couple of episodes and I thought that I would be totally LOST (hehe) if I started the show in the I never watched it. Well a couple of weeks ago I was flipping through the channels on tv and came across the very first episode on the Sci-Fi channel...I watched the first episode and was immediately hooked!! They ended up showing 4 episodes back to back. Now I don't normally sit in front of the tv this long but I must admit...for four hours my eyes were glued to the tv!! Well come to find out they show four episodes every monday. But I couldn't wait an entire week to find out what was going to happen on the island. Over the next couple of days I was going through LOST withdrawls...for real!! So I went to and looked up LOST and what do I see....all four seasons of LOST!! Just waiting for me to watch!! Now I'm happy!! I had to tell my dh about the show cause I just knew he would love it. So once my ds is in the bed my dh and I have a little date night watching LOST. Last night we stayed up until 2:00am watching episode after episode! We are only into the first couple of episodes of season 2 and have a long way to go...but I have to see the entire four season's before season 5 comes out in 2009!! So sorry to turn this into a long blah blah blah LOST session...but seriously...if you have not seen this show....go to and check it out....let me know what you think.

Well that's all for today. I'm going to work some more on my new kit and then later on we have a football game to go to tonight. Our high school team hasn't lost a game yet...I'm hoping that continues!! Have a good one!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday ScrapMatters & New Products!

Happy Birthday ScrapMatters!! Yep that's right ScrapMatters turns 1 year old today and were having a PARTY!!

All my products in the store will be 30% go grab them while you can at a low...low price!

Today I'm releasing 5 new products! And for three days only I'm offering them to you in this Grab Bag for one low price! $12.25 worth of products for only $3.00! You can purchase it here in my store at ScrapMatters.

Now if your here for the ScrapMatters Birthday Blog Train...well your in the right place. Welcome to stop # 18. In case you don't know who I am my name is Tater and I live in the Midwest. As far as birthday traditions well...sad to say we don't really have any. I mean of course we celebrate our birthday's...but we usually just end up doing whatever that person wants to do on their birthday. So I don't know... maybe that is kind of a tradition...well's what you been waiting's a 5x7 brag book QP made with the "You Say I'ts Your Birthday" collab kit by the SM Design Team....

Your next stop on The ScrapMatters Birthday Blog Train is stop # 19...Kathleen's Blog.

And just in case you need to back track stop #17 was Heather L.

Well that's all for today...I'm looking forward to spending some time with my family this weekend for a little getaway! Yippie! Have a great one!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ScrapMatters Bday Celebration!!

Just popping in to let you know about the ScrapMatters Birthday Celebration...check it out...

It's gonna be a PAR-Tay!!n Hope you'll stop by!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Sale & Freebie

Hi little guy is turning 5 this week. So to help celebrate everything in my store is 30% off!
*Discount will show up once item is added to your shopping cart!

I also have a little freebie for you's a grungy striped paper pack....

Download Here

One more thing...The ScrapMatters Gang is hosting a chat at ScrapMatters on Wednesday 9/17 at 9 p.m. Central time! They will be giving away a couple of prizes!!! I hope you'll join us! Click here for more information.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Brand New Kit & Freebie

Happy Friday to everyone!! Don't you just love Friday's...I know I do!! Well I'm releasing a brand new kit in the store at ScrapMatters today. I must tell you...I'm so excited about this kit!! Let me explain...most of you know that I'm girl who loves hot weather and the beach!! True...true...very true!! But there is just something about Autumn that I absolutely love...from the leaves changing colors to the friday night football games...not to mention autumn is the time of year when I met my dh! You see as a child growing up in the midwest I have fond memories of my parents taking us on our annual trip to the Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch. It was a tradition in our family to go apple picking every year and we never missed a year!! I remember wagon rides through the orchard and that good ol' taste of apple cider! And who can resist apple cider donuts...not me! When my son turned one I decided that I wanted to do the same tradition with him. He is now getting ready to turn five...and he already asks me every year, "Are we going to the apple orchard mom?" It is my love for Autumn and this tradition that has inspired me to make this kit! It is my most favorite kit that I've made to date! Now you would think that I would have been able to easily come up with a name for this kit...but I seriously had a hard time. But thanks to ScrapMatters CT Member Christine...aka Alamama...she had the perfect name for my's called "Wrapped in Autumn." Take a look...

The colors remind me so much of my childhood visits to the Orchard! I seriously had a blast making this!! Now listen closely because I want to make sure you are all aware of this awesome deal that I have going on...For one week only if you purchase the kit "Wrapped in Autumn" you will receive my "Wrapped in Autumn" 5x7 brag book QP's absolutely free. ( No need to add the brag book to your cart, it will automatically be included in the download when you purchase the kit "Wrapped in Autumn".) Isn't that a heck of a deal!! But hurry because this offer ends at 12:00 midnight on Thursday, Sept. 18th! Take a look...

Click here to purchase Wrapped in Autumn in the store at ScrapMatters.

Also check out my LO that I did with it....this is my ds sitting in the pumpkin patch...

And of course I have a little "Wrapped in Autumn" coordinating freebie for you today...

Download Here

Well thanks for listening to me ramble today. I hope you enjoy your weekend and the freebie!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Products and a Freebie!

Whooo am I glad the weekend is here!!! I just got back from a football game which I was looking forward to going to cause things have just been super busy around here with school starting. So it was nice to just kick back and watch a good ol' game of football!

I just released two new products today in the store at ScrapMatters and they are both 30% off starting today until midnight on Sunday September 7th. I love acrylic these days so I ended up making this cute little alpha called..."Clearly Rectangular."

I also have a wordart collection in the store called "Random Qutoes & Sayings"...this particular collection is themed around children...

These are perfect if your are looking for a title for your LO or you just want to add a little something to your LO's. Remember they are both 30% off until midnight September 7th so go get'em while they are on sale. Click here to go to my store at ScrapMatters.
I also want to remind you about the Daily Download at ScrapMatters...its' still going on so stop on by to get your free daily download of the new kit "Say It With Bling." Click here for more information.

I have do have a little freebie for you today. Special thanks to my friend Geri... you may know her as (carsmom53). She created a 12x12 QP with my Urban Boy Kit!
Here's her layout...
Isn't that adorable!!! You can download the QP here...

Well it's getting late here and I really do need to get some sleep so...peace out!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Like Bling???

Do you like bling??? Well I love it!! And if you love it too then you need to hop on over to ScrapMatters for the Daily Download. The ScrapMatters Design Team Apprentices (Lina, Heather, Wendy and myself) joined together and created this yummy kit called "Say It With Bling." Check her out...

I told you it was yummy! Listen closely...YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS...We are giving away bits and pieces of it away for free at ScrapMatters for the Daily Download! Click here to go to the Daily Download at ScrapMatters. Also read through to the end of this post and I have a little "Say It With Bling" freebie for you.

I have a new product in the store at ScrapMatters it's called "Corky". LOL! Cute name huh! Take a look...

And because I love giving away freebies...I've even included 3 bonus push pins. Like it??? Well click here to see it in my store at ScrapMatters.

Ok now for your "Say It With Bling" freebie...I made a cute little 5x7 brag book QP for you... and don't worry it's not the only one...tomorrow the other ScrapMatters Design Team Apprentices will have more for you to grab. So check back here tomorrow and I'll tell you where to get the next one.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Check it out...

Well you've been asking for it and it's finally here....and I can't wait to show it to you!!! Check out my new fan blinkie...


Isn't it the coolest! My friend Holly totally hooked me up!! She makes the best blinkies!! I'm so happy that she was able to make one for me. She's the absolute best!! Thanks Holly!!

So for those of you who have been wanting my fan blinkie...well go ahead and snag it!

And for some more exciting news...the Daily Download at ScrapMatters is back...and it's brought to you by the ScrapMatters Design Team Apprentices (Lina, Heather, Wendy and myself.) I'm kicking things off with the Daily Download so hop on over cause each day were giving away pieces of our new collab kit called "Say It With Bling." Click here for more info.

The Digi Keepsakes CT weekly challenge has already started and this week Christine (alamamma) is hosting a black & white photo challenge! Click here for more details.

Also Digi Keepsakes by Monica has a new kit in the store call Business Casual...

Here is a LO that I scrapped with it...I also you one of her templated called "Keepsakes 2 Template Set" that is also new in stores today.

And I just have to show you this...take a look at what Geri (carsmom53) made with my new Urban Boy kit...

I love's so adorable! Thanks Geri for letting me share it.

That's all for now...until next time!